WinHex API
Wrapper ActiveX

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  The product, offered to your notice, is not the standalone software. It is the extension of existing functional abilities of the well-known program WinHex while using WinHex API.
  The WinHex API allows using the advanced capabilities of the WinHex hex & disk editor programmatically from your programs. It provides an interface for random access to any media that WinHex itself is able to access.
  To develop software that uses the WinHex API a valid professional, specialist or API license of WinHex is required.
  The WinHex API Wrapper is a small ActiveX component that allows using magnificent possibilities provided by the WinHex API with object-oriented approach. The Wrapper is a versatile tool and being ActiveX DLL it can be used in virtually any Windows programming environments that supports Automation, including Visual Basic, VB Script, Java, JavaScript and etc.

Key Features

   Easy to use.   The only thing one should do in order to work with a group of files or disks is to refer to some methods and properties with self-explained names such as SaveCurrent, CutBlock, Position, etc.

   Powerful.   The Wrapper ActiveX DLL provides full access to WinHex API without any declarations for your programming language. There are 27 methods and 6 properties provided to programmers.

   Good compatibility.   The Wrapper as ActiveX DLL can be used with a lot of programming tools. And it runs well on all 32-bit Windows system that includes: 98, 2K, NT4.0, ME, XP.
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